Advanced Manufacturing Resources

A National Advanced Manufacturing Portal

  1. Continued U.S. leadership in advanced manufacturing requires new
    technologies, processes, and skills, especially in the emerging fields of
    biomanufacturing, cyber-manufacturing and eco-manufacturing. To
    address that need, the U.S. National Science Foundation is
    announcing investments in 24 new projects to
    drive future manufacturing.

ASME to Convene a Manufacturing Policy Panel and Virtual ……
On Thursday, November 3, the White House’s National Science and
Technology Council’s (NSTC) Subcommittee on Advanced Manufacturing (SAM) will
host a roundtable event to solicit information on where advanced manufacturing should
go in the future. Discussion topics may include, but are not limited to, the following

Advanced Manufacturing Certification Program

  1. “Manufacturing is at the heart of our economy and national security, and this
    program helps get our manufacturers back on track.” “We are very pleased that
    LIFT has leveraged its workforce program to upskill and retool workers
    impacted by the pandemic,” said NIST’s Mojdeh Bahar, associate director of
    innovation and industry services.
    Women in Advanced Manufacturing (WIAM) Virtual Forum 2021…
  2. Second Women in Advanced Manufacturing (WIAM) Virtual Forum 2021
    Following its inaugural event in 2019, the WIAM Forum 2021 will continue
    to showcase successful career paths, discuss next generation
    technologies, and address the diversity gap in the field
    of manufacturing engineering.

National Strategic Plan for Advanced Manufacturing | NIST

1) Develop and Transition New Manufacturing Technologies. 2) Educate,
Train, and Connect the Manufacturing Workforce. 3) Expand the
Capabilities of the Domestic Manufacturing Supply Chain. The strategic
plan was developed by the National Science and Technology Council,
Subcommittee on Advanced Manufacturing, with significant input from
industry …


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