Advanced Manufacturing Magazine Spotlight

The May edition of Advanced Manufacturing reviewed the 2016 Wholers Report on worldwide 3D printing developments. Some of the notable sections are listed below:

  • HP soon to launch a 3D product based on it’s Multi Jet Fusion technology
  • Canon will launch their 3D printer entry in 2017
  • Young machinists can soon get in the 3D game with Mattel’s release of the $299 ThingMaker

Read about it in Advanced Manufacturing, pages 45-59.


Test Your 3D Printing IQ!

Additive manufacturing has been churning out prototypes and models for manufacturers, engineers, and students for over 30 years. After a burst of rapid technological developments, 3D printing may finally be ready to take on “real” manufacturing.

Take this quiz to find out if you have the information you need to join the 3D printing revolution.