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SME Dayton October Event Announcement


Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at 7:00 PM

Online moderated panel discussion with guest speaker Jennifer Fielding, PhD, Section Chief at Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) & SME Member Council Representative joined by students from Ohio University and the University of Dayton. Dr. Fielding will be discussing topics including her role and some areas of manufacturing research within AFRL, where the future of additive manufacturing is heading for the USAF, and career advice for students. Discussion to be followed by a question and answer session with students.

Speaker Bio: Jennifer Fielding, PhD, who, with over 15 years of experience at the Air Force Research Laboratory, has performed research and program management in diverse fields such as polymer composites, multifunctional materials and additive manufacturing. Fielding is currently the chief of the Composite Performance and Applications Section, leading a team of over 40 scientists and engineers managing research programs on advanced composite materials performance. She served as the technical advisor for the Structures, Propulsion and Manufacturing Enterprise Branch. Fielding launched and managed America Makes, the first institute within the Manufacturing USA network on behalf of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy using a $120M cooperative agreement. Fielding served for five years as the deputy program manager for the defense-wide Manufacturing Science and Technology Program, a portfolio of emerging manufacturing technologies with a total value of $350M. She has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Secretary of Defense Award for Excellence and has been named a Dayton Business Journal 40 Under 40. Fielding is active in SME as the chair of its Additive Manufacturing Community, in SAMPE currently as chair of SAMPE 2020 and is an active participant in SWE.

Register online via Eventbrite or email to mikemonnier.bpi@gmail.com by 5:00 PM October 19, 2020.

NOTE: You must pre-register to receive the meeting link.

Webinar Announced by BriskHeat – Columbus SME Chapter 36

Optimizing Your Heating System for Energy Efficiency

Learn keys to efficient and cost effective industrial heating systems. Topics will include:

  • Applications for electrical heating systems
  • Heat loss calculations
  • Selecting insulation materials
  • Types of surface heaters
  • Translating efficiency to cost savings
  • Presentation will last approximately 50 minutes and be followed by Q&A.

See Event Announcement and Link to Register