Universal Robots Virtual Trade Show

Universal Robots will be hosting a Virtual Trade Show July 28-30th.

The Cobot Expo, a North American Digital Tradeshow from the World’s Leading Collaborative Robot Company. This digital experience will feature over 25 Universal Robots partner demos and 15 informative keynotes. Learn about various cobot applications including welding, machine tending, autonomous bin picking and end of line packaging. Hear from various automation experts about safety, ROI and service. Register today and join us July 28-30 to experience cobots and live chat experts!

Follow this link to sign up: https://thecobotexpo.vfairs.com/en/

PS105 Vertical Machining Center: Raising the Bar in VMC Productivity with the PS105

The PS105 features enhanced design characteristics and next-generation technologies that expand upon the capabilities of its predecessors. The PS105 is redefining the standard for VMC productivity within the aerospace, medical, automotive and general manufacturing industries.